Now, more than ever, we are in a pattern of disconnect and isolation due to our shelter-in-place and COVID quarantine requirements.   For most people this new lifestyle has become the norm now for nearly 4 months and people are feeling the effects of this, there is no doubt!    We are all missing that human connection we crave.  The studies tell us we live our healthiest, happiest and longest lives when we are in fellowship with others.
None of us know how long it will be until our lives can return to normalcy but we do know the time to reach out to others who may be suffering is now!   If you have family, friends, or neighbors who live alone or are feeling lonely, reach out to them today!   Sending a card in the mail to cheer them up goes a very long way to help people feel affirmed and valued and most importantly, loved.  At the least, even a text message, or a phone call can make someone’s day very special.  If you live near them, drop off some cookies on their front porch (still keeping the guidelines of social distancing).
 In these COVID times we especially need to be focused on others and reaching out to spread the message—“YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”
Make a difference today—
Be someone’s beacon of light and hope!
Reach out to those who are alone or lonely and SHARE THAT YOU CARE!