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Are your services covered under my Health Insurance plan?

I am an OUT OF NETWORK provider which means that I do not work directly with any Insurance plans, however most major Insurance companies DO REIMBURSE my clients for my services. The percentage covered depends on your own policy, but you are welcome to call your provider and inquire what percentage of my fees they will reimburse prior to coming to my office for our first session. After we meet, I will complete the paperwork with the necessary diagnostic and service codes so that you may submit it to your provider for them to reimburse you.

How many sessions will it take for me to complete my therapy work with you?

The number of sessions to complete our work together is not easy to predict and is quite variable between clients. Many factors play a part in the length of a treatment plan, such as: the type of issue involved, the client’s schedule and ability to attend regular therapy sessions, the client’s commitment and ability to participate in homework assignments, etc.

My desire as your therapist is to partner with you to set new goals, move forward to identify the problems and search for new solutions in an active and productive way. It is my hope that we can collaborate and be effective in working together in a way that utilizes both time and resources well.

Are you able to prescribe medication if it is determined I need meds for my depression, anxiety, etc.?

No, I am not a medical doctor and therefore, I am not licensed to have the ability to prescribe medications for you. If it is determined you would benefit from medications for depression, etc. I recommend that my clients consult with their own physicians about this ASAP. I can also make a referral and recommend a local physician if the client does not have one currently.

How do I know if I would be better served starting in Individual Therapy or beginning in a new Group Therapy program?

My recommendation is that if your issues are of a more severe nature, it would probably be most beneficial to begin in Individual therapy first to work through the intense issues before beginning Group therapy. One-on-one therapy is focused on the Individual and their issues solely, while Group therapy is dedicated to all members of the Group and there is much less time to focus strictly on one person’s needs and issues. Some people also choose to engage in Individual and Group Therapy concurrently, and this gives them both the one-on-one time they need to explore deep issues and the benefits of the validation, support and encouragement of many other group members by attending Group Therapy.

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