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Fees for a 50 minute Individual, Marital, or Family counseling session are $150.

Fees for a Group counseling session (2 hours) are $30. New Support groups for women begin several times throughout the year and require a FREE screening to be considered for admission into the group.

Fees for Public Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Consults, or Workshops are variable. Please contact Ms. Olson directly for further information.

**Deborah is an out of network provider and does not work directly with any insurance companies. However, upon request, she will provide you with a completed document containing the diagnostic and service codes for you to submit to your healthcare provider for reimbursement.

****Ms. Olson accepts CHECKS, CASH, AND CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS for methods of payment.


Payment is due at each session at the time services are rendered

CANCELLATION POLICY: Galleria Counseling & Consulting requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment. Failure to comply with this policy will result in client accepting responsibility to make full payment for the missed session.

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If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment - email Ms. Olson.