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Marriage, Family & Individual Counseling – Group/Corporate Consulting, Houston TX

Deborah’s approach in working with clients is collaborative, goal-directed, solution-focused, and active. She partners with her clients to identify the issues, target the problems, and formulate the goals and plans for change. Deborah believes her own life experiences as a wife, mother, nurse, college professor, and counselor have enriched her world view and provide a broad framework to inform and assist her in seeking solutions with clients.

Some of the Services Deborah offers include the following:

Individual Counseling

  • Dealing with depression/anxiety
  • Exploring new paths to FLOURISHING
  • Reinventing yourself/Finding new passions
  • Setting boundaries/having healthier self esteem
  • Forming new LIFE GOALS/Dealing with LIFE TRANSITIONS
  • Dealing with stress and achieving balance

Marriage Counseling

  • Developing more effective communication styles
  • Overcoming gender barriers
  • Dealing with marital conflicts
  • Understanding and improving intimacy issues
  • Working through trust issues
  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Infusing “new energy” into a tired relationship

Family Counseling

  • Improving communication
  • Working through conflicts
  • Building cohesiveness/team approach
  • Helping blended families
  • Parenting concerns

Group Counseling

  • Learning from and with others in a group setting
  • Improving Interpersonal skills
  • Supporting and encouraging fellow members
  • Learning new tools to work through problems
  • Experiencing validation while learning how to validate others

Speaking Engagements / Workshops / Consulting

Deborah speaks to groups—large or small—on topics such as:

  • Postpartum Depression, Perinatal Emotional Health
  • Women’s Emotional Health Issues through the Life Span (Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, etc.)
  • Parenting/Launching responsible kids/Surviving Motherhood
  • Relationship Issues
  • Reinventing ourselves at any age
  • Embracing Change in Life
  • Happiness/Flourishing/Thriving
  • Fostering “WELLNESS LIVING”
  • Nourishing our souls

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