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3 Tips to Survive Curveballs in Life

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

I think we would all agree that part of the human experience is dealing with the “unknowns” that are lurking around the next corner. Unfortunately, we cannot always predict these circumstances nor prepare for their arrival in our lives. Dealing with these “curveballs” in life can be stressful, exhausting, anxiety-provoking, and overwhelming, to say the very least. They are capable of completely tapping us out and even making us depressed over time. So, how can we navigate through these waters and survive with the fewest battle scars? Here are 3 tips that can make a difference and promote a faster return to total wellness.

My husband recently had an accident at work and his fall resulted in a broken hip!   Considering his age and physical build everyone was shocked that he would suffer such an injury from a simple miss-step.   He is doing very well in his recovery, thankfully, and is back to work after going to surgery for a new total hip replacement nearly 8 weeks ago.  However, the past two months at our house have been anything but normal!   None of us could have predicted this event, nobody saw it coming based on any risk factors, and in the flash of a second with one simple wrong step, our lives have been turned upside down!   This rather bizarre accident would definitely qualify as one of life’s “curveballs” and it has succeeded in creating havoc  for my husband and our family!  All of a sudden, things you have taken for granted like mobility and a monthly paycheck are taken from you in a heartbeat, and life assumes a “new normal” (even if only for a brief time).

So, what do we do to survive in these “darker” times of life when control of our lives goes out the window?  How do we find “normal” again and carry on?    Are there tricks that can help us get back in the game of life more quickly?   Why do some people seem to bounce back with a positive outlook more quickly than others?

There are 3 tips that can actually make a major difference in promoting a faster recovery and finding “normal” again:

1.  Adopting “an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE” in the midst of the crisis.   Although this is not always easy and can present quite a challenge for most of us, it is important to stop, look for the positive in the situation, and then adopt an attitude of gratitude for that positive.  This can help us see the brighter side of life again, and fight off negativity.

2.  Looking at the negative event in more of a “local,” limited,  and temporary way, rather than a “global” and forever framework.   This will promote feelings of empowerment so that the event does not color a person’s entire outlook on everything in their life and cause feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair.

3.  Reframing the negative situation by looking at it from another perspective in which the “new normal” can be defined as having some positive aspects.   It is not always easy in the middle of a “storm” in life to find the silver lining, but if we look at it from different perspectives, we can usually find something positive in the situation, even a small positive.

What we know to be a universal human experience is that “life—happens” for all of us!   It is not a matter of “if” a curveball is coming, but rather a matter of “when.”   So, employing these tools or tips to deal with stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and despair is paramount to promoting the healing process and wellness, both physically and mentally.

My husband and I are so relieved to have this “curveball”in life mostly behind us and we are seeing much brighter days ahead.  He has chosen to capitalize on this opportunity to focus on his health and improve his overall wellness.  A positive outcome of his accident and surgery is a new commitment to lose weight, exercise regularly, and make lifestyle changes to get healthy.   He is 8 weeks post-op and we are all seeing how this accident and broken hip has now morphed into his new attitude and behaviors about diet, exercise and making lasting lifestyle changes.   Our hope is that long after the events of the past couple of months are a faded memory on our life’s tapestry, my husband will be a brand new picture of health and wellness, enjoying all the things in life he loves most!







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