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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

People keep talking about the “word” they have picked for 2020 to live by, embrace and put into practice daily.  What a great idea that is for us to attach to our daily routines!  I have tossed around several words that would be helpful to focus on in a big way and give me a new perspective.  After seriously pondering this, I have decided on G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E.  And here is why—

Over the past year my life has been packed full of speaking engagements and book events since publishing my first book in March of 2019.  I have traveled the U.S. coast to coast, and also Mexico.  Racking up thousands of miles in my United airlines account, many months I have been gone more days than I was home!

And, all of this has been made possible by dear friends who have planned and hosted book events for me in their homes, clubs, and restaurants.  From California to Arizona and Nebraska to Florida, plus points in Texas, my tribe of dedicated gal pals have worked tirelessly to put together amazing events for women to gather, hear my presentation, share time with friends, and purchase my books.  And, for this I will be eternally and deeply GRATEFUL for the rest of my days!

As a result, I have had the honor of meeting countless new women and hearing their life stories about struggle, challenges, and the victory of sisterhood to save the day.   Now as I look back on all of these women I have had the privilege to meet and interact with, I am amazed at the strong thread of kinship that connects us all.   Whether it was a new widow sharing her grief of how my book brought her hope again, or a lady who finally gave herself permission to let a very toxic friendship go after reading my book, their stories were impactful.  These brave women have left their imprint on my soul and I will forever be GRATEFUL for how they were bold in stepping out into the unknown.

Since February is a month we focus on matters of the HEART, let’s also remember to express gratitude to those girlfriends who have walked the path of life with us, showing us encouragement, support, kindness and most importantly LOVE!  Remember your tribe this month and celebrate your friendships by sharing your GRATITUDE!  Let them know how they have made a difference and tell them so!  Show them some “GALENTINE LOVE.”

A New Year, A New Decade, & A New YOU!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!  How is it possible we are in 2020 already?

As we all say good-bye to 2019 and step into a new year and a new decade, it seems like the perfect time to stop, take a deep breath, and ponder a few things.   Every now and then, it is worth it to push the “pause” button in life and go deep.

Turning the calendar to the next year is always sort of sobering for me.   My thoughts go to the changes the past twelve months have brought, and more importantly, how those changes   also changed me.  Reflection can be a powerful tool to put a spotlight on our blessings and how fortunate we truly are.  As we look back on the past year, we have the opportunity to reframe the disappointments, the unmet goals, and the failures. 

As I push the 2019 “rewind” button, I am hit in the face with one overwhelming feeling, G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E!  Did I travel the yellow brick road to Oz and enjoy a perfect year with all my wishes granted? NOPE.  Did my efforts lead to accomplishing all the personal and professional goals I had mapped out for 2019?  NOPE.   So, why am I feeling surrounded by such a strong sense of gratitude?  

Maybe because I can look in the ”rear view” mirror at 2019 and realize how truly blessed I am as I focus on the gifts I have received, rather than the disappointments.  Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Sadly, our youngest son moved to Minnesota in September after living near us for the past 6 years. But, our other son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters just moved back to Texas from California after 8 years!   A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!
  • Our sixth grandchild was born in August! A new precious life joins our family, and HE is healthy!  A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!
  • My husband had successful heart procedures, and is doing well after two years of life-threatening health issues. A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!
  • I published my first book after many years of intensive work and research to get my thoughts into print. A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!
  • I have been traveling around the country on my book tour and meeting amazing women who are embracing my book and its message! A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!
  • My own loyal tribe of girlfriends have hosted book events for me in 5 states during the past year, showing me their support and love! A GIFT BEYOND WORDS!


In looking ahead to 2020, I see so much yet to do!  So many goals yet to push towards!  But, I am stepping into this new decade with a heart filled with GRATITUDE, and a spirit fueled by HOPE.  Life is always going to be messy, difficult, and challenging.  We can bank on it!  But, in the midst of it all, we can sort through the crazy chaos and find the good stuff — the GIFTS!  That is what will always carry us forward into the next day, the next year, and the next decade!   LET 2019 GO!  Replace your disappointments today with GRATITUDE for your GIFTS!


Grab your Girlfriends and Let’s GO CRUISING!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Research continues to show that we live our healthiest, happiest, and longest lives when we regularly connect with our girlfriends.  It has now been proven that living a life of connection is one of the main ingredients to longevity!

As I have been on my book tour the past six months, I have been in awe of GIRLFRIEND FEVER and the way my book’s message has been resonating with women everywhere!  We women benefit in so many ways through sharing life with our girlfriends during the good times, and especially during the challenges.  My new book, “The Healing Power of Girlfriends” is full of tips for making new friends as well as dealing with toxic friendships.  It has received praise from many who have read it and found the tips helpful and life-changing!   Our lives are richer, happier, and healthier if we share them with our besties!

So, let’s sail away on Royal Caribbean’s luxury ship, Liberty of the Seas, and make some new memories with our tribe of gal pals while participating in THE HEALING POWER OF GIRLFRIENDS Seminar At Sea with me, Author, Speaker, and Counselor, Deborah Olson.  Check out the details today by calling our Travel Planner, Judy @ #510-638-7181.   Special Discounts and promotions are being offered, so don’t wait— call TODAY!!    Our week of fun and sun begins March 22-29th out of Galveston, Texas!    If you have questions, please email me (Deborah) at:









AUGUST—It’s All About Our Girlfriends!

Monday, August 19th, 2019

Did you know that August 1 is National Girlfriends Day, or that August is National Girlfriends Month? Yep, it’s true!  This is the month we focus on what it means to share connections with other women.  Why is that so important?  Because our health, happiness, and our longevity as women depend on it!


When was the last time you planned a girlfriend meetup and actually spent time laughing, sharing, and feeling connected?   How long has it been since you sent a card, letter, or even a little gift in the mail to your gal pal just because you wanted her to feel special and loved?


Despite the myriad methods technology provides us today, research studies are finding we are  feeling more alone and disconnected than ever!  So what is going on with this?  Most likely, the reasons are multifaceted, but one of the danger zones seems to be created when we allow social media to replace real-life connections in real time.


The Downside of Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to enhance our connections, but we must be cautious not to allow them to become the only way we connect with people. Talking on the phone, Skyping or Facetiming provide important elements of communication, but we still get the most benefit from being in touch face to face!  The physical and emotional health benefits from in-person meet ups cannot be matched.


The chemical releases from talking together, hugging, and touching help improve our moods and decrease cortisol levels, helping lower our stress levels and ultimately protect our coronary arteries.  Research at Brigham Young University in 2010 found that feeling disconnected is twice as dangerous as obesity.  They also concluded that having supportive and connected friendships improves our odds of survival by 50 percent.


So this August, how will you choose to spend time with your girlfriends?   Will you grab your calendars and deliberately plan some lunch or dinner meet ups with your tribe?  Can you make a commitment to improving your health by increasing your face-to-face time with your besties?   What does the research tell us you gain from your efforts?  Clearly, a happier, healthier, and most importantly, LONGER LIFE!  Who doesn’t want to sign up for that?


How I celebrated National Girlfriends Day

I celebrated National Girlfriends Day on August 1, by appearing on Houston’s Great Day Houston show with host Deborah Duncan to share the message of my new book,“The Healing Power of Girlfriends,” followed by a sunset cruise with more than thirty ladies on the FantaSea yacht charter on Galveston Bay, followed by dinner at the Kemah Boardwalk.  I will be spending the month of August planning and sharing special in-person times with my tribe!  My life depends on it, and so does yours!


Did you miss Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan on CBS-KHOU TV?   Here’s the link:


Cheers to our Girlfriends! Celebrate with yours in August and begin a new healthier lifestyle habit!


Big hugs and Blessings, Deborah


“Nourish to Flourish”

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Many of us are walking around with our “tanks” on empty these days! We are the kings and queens of multi-tasking and we are pretty skilled at keeping a dozen or so balls in the air at any given moment! We all live on the treadmill called “life” and we don’t feel normal unless we are going forward at full speed! The problem with all of this is that we rarely slow down enough to really get a perspective of what is actually going on. Sometimes the first clue that we are getting burned out or are emotionally or physically exhausted, is after we have a meltdown, get sick, or begin to experience relationship issues in our lives.

This pattern is especially familiar to women in our culture who go through life balancing children, marriages, jobs, community service, and running households, just to name a few!   Over time, these ladies begin to suffer “battle fatigue” and start to exhibit signs of duress, stress, and distress!   They are successful at meeting every one’s needs and are very adept at wearing many hats at the same time and pulling it off extremely well!   But, this usually comes with a cost–of not taking care of her own needs and prioritizing her own physical and emotional health.

That is why taking the time to get away, recharge the battery, refresh the soul, and spend some time finding our center again is so critical!

If you have not spent time recharging your battery recently and you feel tapped out, and like your “pitcher of life” has nothing left to pour out, then it is time to join us for TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE –BY THE SEA — “Nourish to Flourish” women’s seminar in Galveston, Texas.

We will be meeting at the beautiful San Luis Resort and Spa on the seawall in Galveston on January 25-27, 2013.  Please join us for a fun weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation and learn new skills and tools to help create your own personal path to flourishing, as well as an environment that promotes your flourishing.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Seminar is being given by Deborah Olson, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor, and Ellen Delap, Certified Professional Organizer.


Take Back Your Life–NOW!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Is your tank on “empty” these days?  Do you feel like you are consumed with meeting everyones’ needs while putting your own needs on the back burner?  Do you want to be more productive and organized with the time and space you have?   Is it time to get a “lifestyle makeover?”  Do you long to find some inner peace again on this treadmill called “life?”

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then it is time for you to “TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!”  We live in a fast-paced and ever changing world that requires us to keep moving, keep adapting, and keep up!   As women, we juggle it all and pride ourselves in being adept at multi-tasking!   For many of us, our time belongs to everything and everyone else, except us.   We tend to our own  families, our extended families, jobs, volunteer commitments, church commitments, etc. and then one day we suddenly look in the mirror and realize, “I don’t know ME anymore!”    If you feel that you have “lost yourself” somehow on this journey of life, then it might be time to begin that road to reclaim “you” again!

Take time for YOU and make yourself a priority today!  Start that road back to YOU again and learn how to infuse your life with new passion, purpose, direction, and organization.    Take a day to attend this life-changing seminar and begin the journey to rediscover and redefine yourself!  Spend the day with Deborah Olson, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Ellen Delap, Certified Professional Organizer and learn new strategies to reconnect with your soul, define your goals and boundaries, and declutter your life and home to make time for what is important to YOU!

Call or email Deborah or Ellen today to register and reserve your seat in this one-day seminar at The Veranda in Kingwood, Texas on Thursday, March 24, 2011.

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