Research continues to show that we live our healthiest, happiest, and longest lives when we regularly connect with our girlfriends.  It has now been proven that living a life of connection is one of the main ingredients to longevity!

As I have been on my book tour the past six months, I have been in awe of GIRLFRIEND FEVER and the way my book’s message has been resonating with women everywhere!  We women benefit in so many ways through sharing life with our girlfriends during the good times, and especially during the challenges.  My new book, “The Healing Power of Girlfriends” is full of tips for making new friends as well as dealing with toxic friendships.  It has received praise from many who have read it and found the tips helpful and life-changing!   Our lives are richer, happier, and healthier if we share them with our besties!

So, let’s sail away on Royal Caribbean’s luxury ship, Liberty of the Seas, and make some new memories with our tribe of gal pals while participating in THE HEALING POWER OF GIRLFRIENDS Seminar At Sea with me, Author, Speaker, and Counselor, Deborah Olson.  Check out the details today by calling our Travel Planner, Judy @ #510-638-7181.   Special Discounts and promotions are being offered, so don’t wait— call TODAY!!    Our week of fun and sun begins March 22-29th out of Galveston, Texas!    If you have questions, please email me (Deborah) at: