Happy New Year! Out with 2014 and in with 2015! A new year always promises new beginnings and a chance for making some changes to improve on the things we were not satisfied with from the previous year.  If there were projects we did not finish or “to-do” lists we could not get to, a new year provides a fresh start.   It allows us to feel empowered as we anticipate the year before us and the endless possibilities it holds.

For me and my family, our new year has started with new life, literally!
We are blessed with the safe arrival of our first grandchild a few days ago, a precious granddaughter! There is nothing more miraculous than holding a tiny newborn in your arms.  It is such an amazing feeling to see this new little human life who has just started her journey into the world.  As I hold my newest family member and watch her sleep, I wonder what her dreams might be someday for her life and where those dreams will take her. I want to tell her that there are no limits, and the possibilities are endless for her to pursue her passions and become the woman she wants to be one day.

As I have been focusing on this precious gift of new life in our family, I have also been contemplating the gift of a new year that now stretches before us with the beginning of 2015. We are able to put away the disappointments and unmet goals from the previous year and begin anew. With a new year comes the opportunity for fresh beginnings, new goals, and even “do-overs,” if that is necessary to move ahead.  It is a perfect time time to take an inventory of what we want to accomplish in the months ahead and then design our plans for how to get there. Whether it is business goals, health and fitness, home improvement, or personal relationships, we can craft our own personal road map for how to move forward to make each day count.

What are your goals for 2015? Where do you want to focus your time and energy as you work towards improving your life? The time is NOW to take an inventory of where you desire to bring “new life” into your status quo. Decide how you want to prioritize your time and resources and then, design your road map of how you plan to work towards your new goals. When 2016 rolls around next year, you can feel empowered as you look back on the positive changes you made and the fabulous productivity of 2015!  The gift of a new year is here, it is time to follow your dreams and seize each day!