Our last time on a plane was in March before COVID changed the world. A couple days before leaving for this trip I decided to buy a dozen Starbuck’s gift cards to tuck in my purse, ready to hand out and “THANK” any men and women wearing a military uniform or a Vet wearing a commemorative war cap.   I noticed an older gentleman about the age of my own Father wearing a Korean War cap seated behind us on the plane.  After our plane landed in Las Vegas, we were walking up the ramp and I reached out my hand to shake his. I asked him, “You served in the Korean War, Sir?”  He smiled proudly and replied “Yes, ma’am, I did!.”   I said, “Thank you for your service, Sir” and handed him one of my Starbuck’s gift cards that I had written a thank you message on— “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, WE ARE GRATEFUL.”  He looked at the gift card, and looked up at me smiling.  He gave me a huge hug, a kiss on the cheek and said “Oh my goodness, I cannot believe this!”  I wished him safe travels and walked away with a heart full of joy that in a very small way, I had made a difference in someone’s day, especially our Veteran’s who have given us so much!
On this Veteran’s Day of 2020, let’s find a way to honor and thank those who have served, as well as their families who stand behind them!  They sacrifice too!
I have many relatives in my family who have served in the military and today belongs to them.  THANK YOU!
 My “favorite” Vet would have to be my own daughter, who was in the Navy for 19 years, Lt. Commander, Brandi. After completing two years at Baylor in pre-med she took the road less traveled and decided her
dream was to attend the Naval Academy, where she started over as new freshman (plebe), completing 4 more rigorous years of college in Annapolis.
She served as a flight surgeon after graduating from the Naval Academy in 2004 and completing medical school in Texas.  Brandi balanced being a Mom of two young babies, a wife, and a dedicated Navy doctor and somehow made it all work so successfully, despite the challenges of geography and distance that comes with military life.
I was and will forever be a very proud NAVY MOM!
Thank you, Lt. Commander Brandi, for your service!
Thank you, to all of our dedicated Veteran’s, YOU are our true Heroes!
HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY and may God bless you always!