The past year has been unprecedented in every category.  It has left us longing for our former lives and the pre-pandemic world we knew as “normal.”  And the critical question now is…….how do we get back to our old lives, back to our loved ones, back to our jobs, back to vacations, and the endless list of routines we have had to give up the past many months in the name of survival.  Have hope, we will get there, we are already on our way!


Nobody would question that for most of the world we have been living in a much darker time in history since COVID-19 began its reign of death and destruction.  It has been a time of kicking into “survival” mode for most of us.  It has taken its toll on mental health with rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide ticking up like nothing we have seen in our lifetimes.  Most of us now share the universal experience of being deprived— deprived of time with our family and friends, sharing holidays, social gatherings, milestone events, and celebrations.  The stories we hear of those who have lost loved ones are heartbreaking and tragic, and only reinforce how fragile life is and how much we miss our own family and friends that we have been separated from for nearly a year!


So, how do we go forward and where do we find hope in the midst of this? 

The answer is found in the light coming from the beacon of hope for a healthier, happier, and safer tomorrow.   As the masses around the world become vaccinated and we are able to come out of quarantine, we will be able to resume time with our loved ones, and move towards our old lives again, although with the necessary precautions in place as needed.   Medical science has offered us a “ticket” on the train to reconnection with those that matter most to us, our family, friends, and the things we hold dear.  It is this science that has provided the light that will allow us to once again hug our elderly parents, kiss our precious grand babies, celebrate birthdays with our family, and raise a glass with our best friends.  

 We are on our way and the light is growing brighter and bigger with each passing day.  Just as the lighthouse guides a ship through the fog at night, the brilliance of science has provided a beacon of light to our world that will guide us back to the calmer, safer waters we once knew.   Look up!    The LIGHT is shining on the path back to LOVE and the LIFE we have missed.  HOPE is here!